What does Apple MFI-Certified Mean?

It’s a fancy term that means our cords are backed by and approved by Apple Inc. This is important because non-certified, or knock-off, lightning cables can be very dangerous to your device.


How do I register my cord?

Go to the Register page and follow the instructions. You will need to set up an account and tell us the type of cord(s) you purchased and enter a registration ID.

I don’t know my registration ID.

That’s ok. Just leave the field blank.

What if I purchased more than one cord?

You can register more than one cord. Simply click ‘add more’ on the registration page and select the type of cord you wish to register.


My cord broke. How do I replace it?

Go to the Replace page and follow the instructions. You will need to fill out the form and upload a photo with the end of the cord cut off. You will also need to select the cord type you need replaced. After hitting SEND, you will be transferred to PayPal to pay for shipping & handling.

Why do I need to cut my cord end off?

We simply need proof that your cord is broken!

Why do I need to pay for shipping & handling?

We’re not made of money here! Due to the very high cost of shipping that we are encountering, we just need to cover our costs.

You don’t have the same cord that I originally purchased. What now?

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the same colors in stock as we did at the time you purchased your cord. Our website will only show what we have in stock.

What if I bought a steel-wrapped cord and it broke?

We no longer carry steel-wrapped cords. We will happily replace this with a Double XL Braided cord. If you have further concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1.888.984.7471 and we will gladly get you sorted.


What kind of warranty is included?

Every Lifetime of Power cord comes with a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover shipping and handling for each cord.

How does the lifetime warranty work?

If your cord breaks for any reason whatsoever, we will replace it. Doesn’t matter how it broke – whether you tried to use it as a dog leash, you used it in some weird fetish you have, or it was trampled on by a family of elephants – we will replace it.